Instant “Grass-i-fication”:

Instantaneous beauty and immediate value with sod. Within just a few hours, sod transforms bare soil into a lush and beautiful carpet of grass. Landscaping with turf-sod from Cranmer Grass immediately increases the market value of property while adding instant curb appeal. Our turf-sod is grown with the highest quality seed blends recommended for a transitional climate. Sod will typically be rooted down in about 10 days and can be ready for rough play within weeks. A seeded lawn cannot be used for months and will not stop the soil or seed from washing or blowing away. Turf-sod can also be installed anytime so long as the ground is not frozen.

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Environmental Benefits:

Sod creates a healthy environment. Turf-sod cleans the air and helps recharge our groundwater supplies. Turf-sod is one of natures finest and least expensive filters that works to improve the overall air quality of the environment. Sod reduces heat, glare, and noise. On a hot summer day, a lawn will often times be 30 degrees cooler than asphalt and 15 degrees cooler than bare soil. The front lawns of just eight homes have the same cooling effect in hot weather of about 70 tons of air conditioning.